An enhanced YouTube experience on iPad

I love YouTube. I detest the YouTube app. I loathe it so much, that I’ve opted to remove it from my iPad and use the website instead which—believe it or not—has many benefits:

  • Picture-in-picture (PIP)
  • Better full screen
  • Speed and ad-free

Picture-in-picture (PIP)

Shortcuts allows me to enable PIP—the ability to have video show in a floating window above other apps—multitasking bliss. I have the shortcut near the top of the Share Square for easy access. No doubt this is the shortcut I use the most on my beloved iPad Pro. It takes my iPad a step further, allowing me to have three apps and a video showing all at once.

You can download the shortcut here:

Watching a video from the Springboard

Better full screen

Tapping the scrubber or the full screen icon on YouTube in Safari can be problematic. Therefore, I use another shortcut to enable the native iPad fullscreen interface. This allows me to scrub back and forward easily, AirPlay, and provides a second way to enter PIP. Sure, I can’t adjust the quality, or toggle captions, but for me, this is my preferred method of watching videos when washing the dishes.

You can download the shortcut here:

A better full screen experience

Speed and ad-free

Using 1Blocker (or any content-blocker for iPadOS) removes intrusive ads and stops unwanted tracking resources. From my Mac, I can see that 1Blocker blocked 1,012 resources today, 2,822 this week and 30,498 since its last update. That equates to a huge performance gain on my iPad, in both load times and viewing pleasure.

I love YouTube on my iPad Pro and hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful too.