Sidecar to a headless Mac from iPad

Sidecar is a tent-pole feature of MacOS Catalina, giving users the ability to use an iPad as a second-screen in a pinch with flawless performance locally—wired or wirelessly. However, the typical process to initiate Sidecar involves having your Mac in front of you.

What if you want to Sidecar remotely—for example a headless Mac Mini running in my locker? Let’s find out.

All The Apple Park Transitions #WWDC

WWDC 2020, Apple’s online developer conference, was full of huge announcements. It also offered a glimpse of the Apple Park campus by means of transitions for each presentation section.

Watch the supercut of the Apple Park transitions.

Set default email and browser apps in iPadOS 14

iPad users will have the option to set their default email or web browser app in the upcoming iPadOS 14.

iPadOS Feature Slide from WWDC

Many hundreds of email and browser apps have been hindered by the fact that links will default to the built-in Safari or Mail. This marks a powerful change in the way that apps work on the iPad, and may potentially open up further changes in the future—for example, audio opening in apps other than Music, calendar events opening in apps other than Calendar.

Written by Predictive Text

The new version of this is a good game but I don’t want the money for the new one but I don’t know if you want me to come over to my house for a little bit of a break up. I don’t want to go back to work with the other people who are not the only reason I am not going back to the office, then we will go get it done and get it back to the new house and the new update is the only thing I would say about it if I don’t get the money.

Smart Keyboard Folio—fixing minor frustrations through software

Smart Keyboard Folio was the de facto solution before its heavier, more magical sibling existed. I haven’t upgraded to the new Magic Keyboard, so the Folio is still my daily go to for my iPad Pro. Sans trackpad, adjustable viewing angles and backlit keys, it’s a lighter but more limited solution—one that has a few minor frustrations. Most of these frustrations can be in iPadOS and that’s what we’ll look at today.